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Walks - Mountain bikes


The paved with slabs square of Kastriotissa is full of splendid planes, combined with the graphic paths, offer an ideal opportunity for walks in the countryside and strolls with bicycles. Visitors will soon discover that Kastriotissa allocates an amazing natural wealth and constitutes an ideal destination of relaxation and recreation. The splendid view of the mountainous volumes, combined with the fresh air, composes a magnificent area that fascinates every single visitor. A stroll to the region of Saint Paraskevi with the small church and to the cavern Velhaki with the amazing internal lakes is enough to get a taste of the village's natural beauty. The place is also ideal for exploration with bicycles. Visitors will find a magic area full of firs and planes which will fascinate them and travel them to the beauty of the village.

Our hotel is the ideal base for day trips :

    • For climbing ,  during the spring ,  in the region "Diaselo Kastriotissa" there are gated climbing spots.
    • For canoe kayak 8 kilometers from our hotel in the region Stromi .
    • For lovers of nature and caves there are the cave Velchaki with inland lakes and numerous other natural landscapes like Tsouraki area and sink, where you can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains and fill their lungs with oxygen!

Walks - Mountain bikesWalks - Mountain bikesWalks - Mountain bikesWalks - Mountain bikesWalks - Mountain bikes


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